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Illustration Art info

Illustration Art introduction
Welcome to the Illustration Art Gallery, the world's largest art gallery of the original unique paintings and drawings used to illustrate books, comics, graphic novels and newspaper strips.

We have art from more than 600 artists and illustrators, shown in alphabetical order by last name, with more art work being added all the time ...

Find what you're looking for by typing a topic or artist or theme into the QUICK SEARCH BOX TOP RIGHT or use our POPULAR ART SEARCHES in the LEFT COLUMN.

We give you the very best from the wide, sometimes overlooked, world of illustration art, including original artwork for book covers and book illustrations, comics (comic books) and Annuals, newspaper strips and comic strips, graphic novels, magazines, film animation cels, poster art, album cover art, superb fine art reproductions and high quality art prints.

Our gallery brings together the work of artists from all over the world and from many genres, including fantasy, horror, science fiction, education, history, nature, technology, humour, romance, glamour, architecture, whimsy and even political satire and caricature.

Our art is Unique: it is the original artwork painted or drawn by the artist for use in a publication or poster. As you will see, illustrators - as with all artists - employ many art techniques in their quest to communicate and entertain, so we are pleased to offer watercolour, pen and ink, oil, wash, gouache, pencil, acrylic, crayon, gicle, mixed media and charcoal, amongst others. We do also have a selection of Prints including Limited Editions.

We have over 40 years experience in sourcing and selling original illustration art and are very proud to have this showcase of wonderful art. With over 600 featured artists, we hope you enjoy browsing our gallery ... and of course, everything you see is for sale!

From the beginning of the 20th century demand for original art to illustrate books, magazines and comics grew dramatically, especially with the advent of mass printing and production techniques. In the 1920s and 1930s a few artists in the UK and the USA (where the demand for magazine illustration grew enormously) became household names and their work commands huge sums of money.

Names in the USA such as NC Wyeth, Frank Schoonover, Maxfield Parrish, Jessie Wilcox Smith, and in the UK names such as Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Willy Pogany, EH Shepard, Mabel Lucie Attwell, William Heath Robinson and Louis Wain are all widely known and respected.

These artists represent a fraction of an enormous body of art seldom if ever seen in its original form. Art commissioned and created for books and periodicals has always been celebrated in its printed form, but the publishers - and often the artists themselves - have not realised the enormous appeal of the originals. The public often have not even been aware that originals exist and are available to own and enjoy.

Hundreds of thousands of original drawings and paintings have over the years been lost or destroyed by publishers through a lack of interest or imagination, despite the fact that many of the images created are already 20th century icons.

Our aim is to present the wide variety of illustration art in all its various forms for the collector and fan alike to own and enjoy. New art is added to the Gallery every month.


Artists A-B  new art

E V Abbott  

Chris Achilleos  

Neal Adams  

Charlie Adlard  

Graham Allen  

Matias Alonso  


Andreas (Martens)  

Colin Andrew  

Peter Andrews  

Barrie Appleby  

Luis Arcas Brauner  

Mike Arens  

Arno  new art

John J Arnold  new art

Martin Asbury  new art

Garth (Martin Asbury)  (8 artworks)

Kung-Fu (Martin Asbury)  (2 artworks)

Six Million Dollar Man (Asbury)  (2 artworks)

Follyfoot (Martin Asbury)  (6 artworks)

Battlestar Galactica (Asbury)  (4 artworks)


Sergio Asteriti  

Michel Atkinson  

G W Backhouse  new art

Jim Baikie  

Charlie's Angels (Baikie)  (2 artworks)

The Fall Guy (Baikie)  (9 artworks)

Bill Baker  new art

Call of the Wild (Bill Baker)  (14 artworks) new art

Don Quixote (Bill Baker)  (6 artworks) new art

The Prince and The Pauper (Bill Baker)  (12 artworks) new art

King Solomon's Mines (Bill Baker)  (7 artworks)

John Baker  

Bambos (Georgiou)  

Shrek (Bambos)  (10 artworks)

Tom and Jerry (Bambos)  (9 artworks)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Bambos)  (10 artworks)

Wallace and Gromit (Bambos)  (2 artworks)

Harry Banger  

Severino Baraldi  new art

Robin Hood (Baraldi)  (8 artworks)

Stefan Barany  new art

Steven Barany  

Carl Barks  

John Batchelor  

H M Bateman  new art

Terry Bave  

J Beaven  

Frank Bellamy  

Giorgio Bellavitis  new art

Mark Bennington  

Ted Benoit  

David Bergen  

Luis Bermejo  new art

Jordi Bernet  new art

John Berry  

Alessandro Biffignandi  new art

Enki Bilal  AT LEAST 30% OFF !!!

Harry Bishop  

Simon Bisley  

Janet Blakeley  

Adriano Blasco  new artist

Alejandro Blasco  

Jesus Blasco  new artist

Black Bartlemy's Treasure (Blasco)  (17 artworks) new artist

Ali Baba (Blasco)  (22 artworks)

Babes in the Wood (Blasco)  (14 artworks)

The Dancing Princesses (Blasco)  (5 artworks)

The Donkey Skin (Blasco)  (27 artworks)

Hansel and Gretel (Blasco)  (11 artworks)

The Jumblies (Blasco)  (11 artworks) new artist

The Long Way Home (Blasco)  (102 artworks)

Princess Grace (Blasco)  (9 artworks)

Princess Petal (Blasco)  (6 artworks)

Rumpelstiltskin (Blasco)  (8 artworks)

Sleeping Beauty (Blasco)  (15 artworks)

Snow White (Blasco)  (3 artworks)

The Steel Claw (Blasco)  (14 artworks)

The Tailor Prince (Blasco)  (4 artworks)

The Wombles (Blasco)  (33 artworks) new art

Stuart Bodek  

Stephen Richard Boldero  new art

John Bolton  

Stuart Boyle  

Charles Edmund Brock  new art

Richard Henry Brock  

M Broderick  

Robert Brook  new art

Mary A Brooks  

Gordon Browne  new art


Ralph Bruce  new art

Juliana Buch  new art

Reg Bunn  

Zip Nolan (Reg Bunn)  (15 artworks)

Sid Burgon  

John M Burns  new art

The Bionic Woman (John M Burns)  (5 artworks)

Kelpie (John M Burns)  (9 artworks)

Lilly (John M Burns)  (4 artworks)

Magic Coffee Mill (John M Burns)  (7 artworks)

Modesty Blaise (John M Burns)  (1 artwork) new art

Sea Kings Island (Burns)  (3 artworks) new art

Frederick William Burton  

Artists C-D  new art

Ray Calloway  new art

Geoff Campion  new art

Angel Badia Camps  

Mario Capaldi  new art

Nino Caroselli  new art

Sue Cartwright  

Lance Cattermole  

Caza (Philippe Cazamayou)  

Paul Chadwick  

John F Chalkley  new art


Howard Chaykin  

Alessandro Chiarolla  

Frank Cirocco  

James Clark  

Bob Clampett  new art

Michael Codd  new art

Joseph Clement Coll  

Eduardo Teixeira Coelho  new art

Puss in Boots (Coelho)  (9 artworks)

Tom Thumb (Coelho)  (4 artworks)

Sleeping Beauty (Coelho)  (1 artwork)

L B Cole  

Roger Coleman  

Henry Coller  

Dennis Collins  new art

Mike Collins  

Neville Colvin  

Guy Colwell  

Tim Conrad  

Noel Cook  new art

John Cooper  

Richard Corben  

Philip Corke  new art


Graham Coton  new art

War and Battle Libraries Covers (Coton)  (50 artworks) new art

Other Military Art (Coton)  (56 artworks) new art

Ernest Crofts  

Robert Crumb  new art

Cyrus Cuneo  new art

Cynicus (Martin Anderson)  

Santo D'Amico  

Gino D'Antonio  

Benoît Dartigues  

Chris Davey  

Gordon Davies  new art

Jon Davis  

Reginald B Davis  new art

Al Davison  

Leo Davy  

Geoffrey Day  

Arturo del Castillo  new art

Neville Dear  new art

Pino Dell'Orco  new art

Ken Denham  


Frank Dickens  

Disney Studio  new art

Roberto Diso  

Peter Doherty  

The Dreaming (Doherty)  (21 artworks)

Grendel (Doherty)  (10 artworks)

World's Finest (Doherty)  (9 artworks)

Selby Donnison  new art

Cecil Doughty  new art

St. Dominic's (Doughty)  (13 artworks) new art

Wuthering Heights (Doughty)  (11 artworks) new art

Ivanhoe (Doughty)  (1 artwork) new art

King Solomon's Mines (Doughty)  (7 artworks)

Last of the Mohicans (Doughty)  (28 artworks)

Potts' Progress (Doughty)  (19 artworks)

Sword for the Stadholder (Doughty)  (8 artworks)

David Dorman  

Philippe Druillet  new art

Edmund Drury  

Artists E-F  new art

Nigel Edwards  new art

Eisner  new art

Will Eisner  

Gerry Embleton  new art

Catweazle (Gerry Embleton)  (17 artworks) new art

Olac the Gladiator (Gerry Embleton)  (3 artworks)

Ron Embleton  new art

RON EMBLETON SLIDESHOWS  ORIGINAL ART including Dickens' novels, American History, British History, Terry and Son (angling), Working Horses, Aesop's Fables, The Trigan Empire, Wind in the Willows, Fairy Stories and many others.

Wulf the Briton (Ron Embleton)  (5 artworks) new art

Terry and Son (Ron Embleton)  (20 artworks)

British History (Ron Embleton)  (46 artworks) new art

American History (Ron Embleton)  (99 artworks)

Central and South American History (Ron Embleton)  (14 artworks)

Victorian and Edwardian Britain (Ron Embleton)  (38 artworks)

Charles Dickens (Ron Embleton)  (87 artworks)

Horse Drawn Vehicles (Ron Embleton)  (11 artworks)

Wind in the Willows (Ron Embleton)  (14 artworks)

Aesop's Fables (Ron Embleton)  (26 artworks)

Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes and Children's Stories  (218 artworks) new art

Trigan Empire (Ron Embleton)  (22 artworks)

Sweet Chastity (Ron Embleton)  (3 artworks)

Wicked Wanda (Ron Embleton)  (1 artwork)

The Merry Widow (Ron Embleton)  (1 artwork)

Opera (Ron Embleton)  (30 artworks)

The Olympics (Ron Embleton)  (13 artworks) new art

Two World Wars (Ron Embleton)  (35 artworks)

Dan Escott  new art

George Evans  

K A Evans  new art

F R Exell  new art

Derek Eyles  new art

Stephen Fabian  new art

Bert Felstead  new art

Walter Ferguson  


Roland Fiddy  new art

Mickey Finn  new art

Dorothy Fitchew  


William Russell Flint  new art

Don Forrest  

Robert Forrest  new art

D Fowler  

Henry Fox  new art

J Francis  

Picchioni Franco  

Stanley Arthur Franklin  

Frank Frazetta  

Barbara Freeman  new art

Carlos Freixas  

Friz Freleng  

Keith Fretwell  

Oliver Frey  new art

Cover Art (Oliver Frey)  (5 artworks) new art

The Trigan Empire (Oliver Frey)  (52 artworks)

J Frohawk  

Artists G-H  new art

Horace Gaffron  

Phil Gascoine  

Giorgio De Gaspari  

Martin Geraghty  new art

Gary Gianni  new art

Denis Gifford  new art

John Gillatt  

Alberto Giolitti  

Ruggero Giovannini  

Olac the Gladiator (Giovannini)  (5 artworks)

Cecil Glossop  new art

Michael Godfrey  

Jose Gonzalez  

Jose (Pepe) Gonzalez  

John S Goodall  new art

Robert Gould  

Maureen & Gordon Gray  new art

Harry Green  new art

James Green  

Mike Green  new art

Roland Green  


H Gribben  

Rick Griffin  new art

Josep Gual  

A Hall  

Roger Hall  

Frank Hampson  

Jim Hanson  new art

Jack Hardee  

David A Hardy  new art

Dudley Hardy  new art

Paul Hardy  new art

Wilf Hardy  new art

Air (Wilf Hardy)  (101 works) new art

Land (Wilf Hardy)  (18 works) new art

Sea (Wilf Hardy)  (31 works) new art

Space (Wilf Hardy)  (24 works) new art

Don Harley  new art

John Harrold  

Donald Hartley  new art

Hasegawa  new art

Andrew Haslen  

William Hatherell  new art

George Hawthorn  new art

Jack Hayes  

Gerry Haylock  

Helen Haywood  

L Haywood  

Reginald Heade  new art

Thomas Heath Robinson  new art

William Heath Robinson  new art

Robert Heindel  

Alex Henderson  

Bob Hersey  new art

John B Higgins  new art

Tony Higham  new art

Burne Hogarth  

William Hogarth  new art

Gordon Adam Hogg  new art

Jim Holdaway  new art

L Holmberg  

Richard Hook  new art

Michael Hopkins  

Stanley Houghton  new art


Margaret Maitland Howard  new art

Norman Howard  

Andrew Howat  new art

Emperor and the Nightingale (Howat)  (3 artworks)

Mike Hubbard  new art

Allan Quatermain (Mike Hubbard)  (10 artworks)

Jane Bond (Mike Hubbard)  (21 artworks)

Pals (Mike Hubbard)  (8 artworks)

Frank Humphris  

Hermann Huppen  

Gordon Hutchings  new art

Gregory Grasshopper (Gordon Hutchings)  (25 artworks) new art

Gulliver Guinea-Pig (Gordon Hutchings)  

Num Num (Gordon Hutchings)  (19 artworks) new art

Len Huxter  new art

E Hyde  

Artists I-J  new art

Victor Ibanez  

Bert Illoss  new art


Kenneth Inne  

Peter Jackson  new art

British History (Peter Jackson)  (209 artworks) new art

Simon Jacobs  

Sandy James  

Tove Jansson  

Alex Jawdokimov  

Jose Jimenez  

Ron Jobson  

Robert Johnson  

Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone  new art

Barry Jones  new art

Bruce Jones  

Chuck Jones  

Geoff Jones  

Jeffrey Jones  

Peter Jones  new art

Sydney Jordan  

Joe Jusko  

Artists K-L  new art

Michael Kaluta  

Peter Kay  

Ted Kearon  new art

Jack Keay  new art

John Keay  new art

Michael Kelleher  new art

Selby Kelly  

A E Kennedy  

Ian Kennedy  

J Campbell Kerr  

Eric Kincaid  new art

Gordon King  new art

Roy Krenkel  new art

Harvey Kurtzman  

T L  new art

Bill Lacey  new art

Number 13 Marvel Street (Bill Lacey)  (7 artworks) new art

The Man From Yesterday (Bill Lacey)  (9 artworks) new art

Agent of the Queen (Bill Lacey)  (11 artworks)

Maze Master (Bill Lacey)  (5 artworks)

Mike Lacey  

T S La Fontaine  

A Lambe  

Ronald Lampitt  

Alan Langford  new art

Andy Lanning  new art

Walter Lantz  

Don Lawrence  new art

Karl the Viking (Don Lawrence)  (9 artworks)

Olac the Gladiator (Don Lawrence)  (9 artworks) new art

The Trigan Empire (Don Lawrence)  (23 artworks) new art

Le Goff  

Frank Marsden Lea  new art

James Leech  

Beverley Lees  new art

Conrad Leigh  

Maurice Leloir  

Rick Leonardi  

Brian Lewis  new art

Gaetano (Tanino) Liberatore  

Kenneth Lilly  new art

The Ugly Duckling (Lilly)  (8 artworks)

Barrie Linklater  new art

Virginio Livraghi  

Darren Lock  new art

Bernard Long  

Francisco Solano Lopez  

Adam Eterno (Solano Lopez)  (4 artworks)

Janus Stark (Solano Lopez)  (2 artworks)

Kelly's Eye (Solano Lopez)  (13 artworks)

Orson Lowell  new art

Lewis Lupton  

Artists M-N  new art

MacIntyre  new art

Peter Maddocks  new art

Robert Maguire  

Bill Mainwaring  

Milo Manara  

Click (Manara)  (6 artworks)

Fellini Films (Manara)  (15 artworks)

The Star (Manara)  (1 artwork)

N Manwaring  

L Field Marchant  


Joan Marshall  new art

William Francis Marshall  new art

Antonio Perez Martinez  new art

Tony Masero  

Fortunino Matania  new art

Matania Ephemera  (31 pieces) new art

Royalty (Matania)  (23 pieces) new art

The Sphere (Matania)  (130 artworks)

World Wars (Matania)  (16 artworks) new art

Science Fiction (Matania)  (6 pieces)

F Stocks May  

Angus McBride  new art

American History (Angus McBride)  (15 artworks) new art

Ancient Rome (Angus McBride)  (26 artworks) new art

British History (Angus McBride)  (63 artworks) new art

Aladdin (McBride)  (10 artworks)

The Enchanted Horse (McBride)  (25 artworks) new art

Robin Hood (McBride)  (1 artwork)

Jock McCail  new art

James E McConnell  new art

Harold McCready  new art

Ian McIntosh  

George McManus  

Hugh McNeill  new art

Clifford Meadway  new art

Philip Mendoza  new art

Alice in Wonderland (Mendoza)  (55 artworks)

The Borrowers (Mendoza)  (9 artworks) new art

Gulliver Guinea-Pig (Mendoza)  (59 artworks) new art

Town Mouse and Country Mouse (Mendoza)  (33 artworks) new art

The Water Babies (Mendoza)  (1 artwork)

Wind in the Willows (Mendoza)  (19 artworks)

Mercer  new art

Colin Merrett  

Edward Mesjasz  

Trevor Metcalfe  new art

Ever Meulen  new art

John Millar Watt  new art

Frank Miller  

Barrie Mitchell  

Moebius (Jean Giraud)  new art

MOEBIUS SLIDESHOW  Gicle, Silk Screen and Lithographic PRINTS including Arzak, StarWatcher, Major Grubert, Faune de Mars, Blueberry, Edena, Incal, City of Fire, Posters, Exclusive editions and more.

Classic Moebius  (13 superb Giclées) new art

Posters (Moebius)  (3 Moebius posters) new art

Faune de Mars (Moebius)  (7 newly available Giclées) new art

Silkscreen Limited Edition Prints (Moebius)  (17 artworks) new art

Blueberry (Moebius)  (21 artworks)

City of Fire (Moebius & Darrow)  (3 artworks)

Hermès Special Edition Giclées (Moebius)  (4 Hermès prints)

Sheldon Moldoff  

Beverley R Morris  

Tony Morris  new art

Edward Mortelmans  new art

Bert Moss  

Dean Motter  

Musio  new art

Russell Myers  

Floyd Nash  new art

Susan Neale  new art

Paul Neary  

Rudy Nebres  

Mark A Nelson  

Will Nickless  new art

David Nicolle  new art

Patrick Nicolle  new art

Bible Stories (Nicolle)  (18 artworks) new art

British History (Pat Nicolle)  (82 artworks) new art

Military Conflict (Nicolle)  (16 artworks) new art

Mike Noble  new art

Follyfoot (Mike Noble)  (25 artworks) new art

Robin of Sherwood (Mike Noble)  (37 artworks) new art

Worzel Gummidge (Mike Noble)  (1 artwork)

Star Fleet (Mike Noble)  (2 artworks)

David Nockels  

Harry North  new art

Artists O-P  new art


Brian O'Hanlon  


Alexander Oliphant  

Jose Ortiz  new art

Leopoldo Ortiz  

Robert Osborne  

R F Outcault  

Arthur Oxenham  new art

Alex Packham  

Keith Page  

Thunderbirds (Keith Page)  (8 artworks)

Dan Dare (Keith Page)  (5 artworks)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Keith Page)  (4 artworks)

Stingray (Keith Page)  (2 artworks)

Francesco Palma  

G Palmer  

Kim Palmer  new art

Brant Parker  new art

Eric Parker  new art

Black Beauty (Parker)  (8 artworks)

Thousand Years of Spies (Parker)  (5 artworks)

Reg Parlett  new art

Fright School (Parlett)   (4 artworks) new art

Ivor Lott and Tony Broke (Parlett)  (11 artworks) new art

Beastenders (Parlett)  (17 artworks)

Creepy Comix (Parlett)  (11 artworks)

Antonio Parras  

Alan Parry  new art

D H Parry  

Bernard Partridge  new art

Oliver Passingham  


Roger Payne  new art

Patrice Pellerin  

Jordi Penalva  new art

Joseph Pennell  

Glenn Pepple  

Rosa C Petherick  new art

Harry Pettit  

Ken Petts  new art

William Francis Phillipps  new art

Natural History (William Francis Phillipps)  (10 pieces) new art


Edwin Phillips  new art

Wilfred Plowman  

Renato Polese  new art

Mark Poole  

Laura Potter  new art

Nick Potter  

John Pound  

David Pratt  

George Pratt  

Hugo Pratt  

Robert Prowse  new art

Spencer Pryse  new art

F W Purvis  

Arnaldo Putzu  

Artists Q-R  new art

Miguel Quesada  

Nadir Quinto  new art

Dick Whittington (Quinto)  (27 artworks)

The Lady and the Dragon (Quinto)  (6 artworks)

Peter Pan (Nadir Quinto)  (33 artworks)

Sinbad the Sailor (Nadir Quinto)  (10 artworks)

Thumbelisa (Quinto)  (7 artworks)

Wind in the Willows (Nadir Quinto)  (7 artworks)

Cinderella (Nadir Quinto)  (13 artworks)

Jack and the Beanstalk (Quinto)  (6 artworks)

Paul Rainer  

Dan Rainey  new art

Victor Ramos  

Arthur Ranson  new art

Alias the Jester (Ranson)  (11 artworks)

The Beatles (Ranson)  (1 artwork)

Bionic Woman (Ranson)  (4 artworks)

Buttonman (Ranson)  (1 artwork)

Danger Mouse (Ranson)  (25 artworks) new art

Elvis Presley (Ranson)  (2 artworks)

Galaxy Rangers (Ranson)  (14 artworks)

Inspector Gadget (Ranson)  (11 artworks) new art

Jimmy Cricket (Ranson)  (7 artworks)

Judge Anderson (Ranson)  (2 artworks)

Just William (Ranson)  (4 artworks) new art

Logan's Run (Ranson)  new art

Sapphire & Steel (Ranson)  (1 artwork)

Ernest Ratcliff  new art

Leo Rawlings  

Fred Ray  

E Dorothy Rees  new art

Basil Reynolds  

Frank Reynolds  

Warwick Reynolds  new art

John Richardson  new art

Tina Tailpipe (John Richardson)  (10 artworks) new art

Twong (John Richardson)  (3 artworks) new art

Just Another Day (John Richardson)  (4 artworks)

The Hind's Head (John Richardson)  (3 artworks)

Pussy Muldoon (John Richardson)  (7 artworks)

Flatmates (John Richardson)  (4 artworks)

Moonlight & Daisy (John Richardson)  (4 artworks)

Regulation Street (John Richardson)  (6 artworks)

Peter Richardson  

Chris Riddell  

John Rignall  new art

David Roach  

Frank Robbins  

Ian Robertson  

Walter (Wally) Robertson  new art

Albert Robida  new art

G Robinson  

Fred Roe  

Michael Roffe  new art

Marshall Rogers  new art

Enric Badia Romero  

Axa (Enric Badia Romero)  (6 artworks)

Esper Commandos (Romero)  (9 artworks)

Modesty Blaise (Romero)  (12 artworks)

Richard O Rose  

Carlos Roume  

Harry Rountree  new art

David Rowe  new art

John Royle  

John Ryan  new art

Artists S-T  new art

Rudolf Sablic  new art

Alberto Salinas  

Balliol Salmon  new art

Alf Saporito  

Peter Sarson  

Mark Schultz  

Septimus Scott  new art

Henry Seabright  new art

Eustaquio Segrelles  

John Severin  

Claude Shepperson  new art

Bill Sienkiewicz  

Ronald Simmons  


Joe Simon  

Ellis Silas  

Barry Windsor Smith  new art

John S Smith  new art

Pete Smith  

Reg Smythe  new art

Eileen Soper  

Geoff Squire  new art

Jim Starlin  

G R Stefano  new art

Glenn Steward  new art

John Stokes  

William Stout  

Michael Strand  

Lew Stringer  

George E Studdy  new art

Edmund J Sullivan  new art

Arthur Suydam  

Joost Swarte  

Ferdinando Tacconi  new art

Bryan Talbot  

Eric Tansley  new art

Mac Tatchell  

David Templeton  

Bert Thomas  new art

Graeme Thomas  

Simon Thorpe  

William Timym  

Trini Tinture  

Bill Titcombe  new art

Benny Hill (Titcombe)  (6 artworks) new art

Cannon & Ball (Titcombe)  (5 artworks)

Dogtanian (Titcombe)  (3 artworks) new art

Inspector Gadget (Titcombe)  (11 artworks)

Scooby Doo (Titcombe)  (11 artworks)

Woody Woodpecker (Titcombe)  (5 artworks)

Aldo Torchio  

Frederick Henry Townsend  new art

Mike Tregenza  

Stuart Tresilian  

Paul Trevillion  new art

Giorgio Trevisan  new art

Dog of Flanders (Trevisan)  (11 works) new art

The Secret Garden (Trevisan)  (6 works) new art

The Ugly Duckling (Trevisan)  (9 works)

John Turner  

Artists U-Z  new art

Albert Uderzo  new art

Clive Uptton  new art

Charles Vess  


George Wakefield  

Myron Waldman  

Reed Waller  

William A Ward  new art

Jim Watson  

John Watson  

Keith Watson  

Tony Weare  new art

Matt Marriott (Weare)  (17 artworks) new art

Black Tulip (Weare)  (10 artworks)

Rookwood (Weare)  (14 artworks)

John Welland  

Claire Wendling  

Mike Western  

Doris White  new art

Fred White  new art

Michael White  new art

Michael Whittlesea  

Denis Williams  new art

Peter George Williams  

Matthew Williams  new artist

Robert Williams  

Alan Willow  new art

Andrew Wilson  new art

Gerry Wood  new art

The Trigan Empire (Gerry Wood)  (113 artworks) new art

Lawson Wood  new artist

Stanley L Wood  

Wally Wood  

Peter Woolcock  new art

Alfie and Mango (Peter Woolcock)  (6 artworks) new art

Jack and Jill (Woolcock)  (3 artworks)

Three Men In A Boat (Woolcock)  (5 artworks)

Wind in the Willows (Woolcock)  (34 artworks)

Steve Woron  

John Worsley  new art

David Wright  new art

Carol Day newspaper strips (David Wright)  (16 artworks) new art

Daily Sketch pin-ups (David Wright)  (10 artworks) new art

Louise Wright  

Patrick Wright  

Modesty Blaise (Patrick Wright)  (46 artworks)

Paul Wright  new art

Bernie Wrightson  

Colin Wyatt  

Iain Wyllie  

20th Century  new art






Macmillan education posters  

Popeye  new art

Rupert Bear  

Valiant comic  

Newspaper and Comic Strips Art Index  new art List of the ORIGINAL comic and newspaper strips art we have in stock.
Film Animation Art  

Tintin  new art

Warner Brothers  

Disney Art  new art

Disney Studio  

Hanna-Barbera  new art

Comics Picture Gallery  
Artists' Biographies  Artists' notes and biographies new biographies
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